February 26, 2024

Open Trading Account Today and Earn Rs 30000 Per Month

In India, today thousands of people are facing difficulties in managing their daily essentials. In the market of completion, finding a Government Job or Private Job is becoming more difficult day by day. Even those who are already in Government Jobs or Private Job, they are also facing difficulties to meet their expenditure with their limited earning resources. We are continuously searching for opportunities where we can earn some additional money which will help run our life peacefully. Do you want to Open a Trading Account Today and Earn Rs 30000 Per Month?

Today for such types of people I am going to give an opportunity to earn from home with a limited investment it may be Rs 1000 or Rs 5000 or Rs 10000, you can invest according to your financial capacity and ability. Do you know Indian Commodity Trading Exchange works till 11: 00 PM? You can try to trade or invest in the share market after doing 9 to 5 Jobs.

General Perception in Common People About Share Trading in India General people in India believes that it is a platform where you have to lose your good earned money. It is a field of High Risk. It requires deep knowledge of the Share Market.

My Clarification on General Perception of Common People After the introduction of Jiro By Reliance Telecommunications the complete scenario of our Country has completely changed. We are not weak today. We the common people of India, 10th or 12th or graduate Youngs of India become examples for others of Western Country. We are growing rapidly. Millions of Indians are now started earning from YouTube, Blogging, Share Trading, Online Design, and so many computer-based, laptop-based, android based work

Why People Lose Money In Share Market. Indiscipline Trading, Greed, Trading or Investing in High-Risk Shares with the Greed of High Return, and Investment without Research are most of the reasons for losing money in the share market 90-95% of people.

How Can I Earn Money From Share Market With Low Risk? If you maintain discipline during trading or investment, if you do proper research before investment, if you use stop loss, if you keep faith in yourself, and if you restrict yourself from greed, then you can easily earn money from the share market.

One example is how 90% of People Losing Money. Mr. Mohit invested Rs 50,000/- in the share market without any research, advice or proper knowledge, he invested the money when the market was high when the stock rate was already gained 300%, and hoped he will get more money from it. When marketing down, the stock got consolidated, and the price down, and his investment amount of Rs 50,000/- reached below Rs 35,000/-. Now he is disturbed and someone advised him to do intraday trading, then again he loses some money due to a lack of proper knowledge, proper research, and stock-specific analysis. Then he told all of his friends that don’t invest in the share market it is dangerous and everyone should lose money in this share market.

One example is how 10 to 5% of People Earning Money. Mr. Rohit whose civil qualification is Matriculation only and doing a 9-5 Government Job under a salary of Rs 30,000/- has decided to earn some money from the share market which can help him to meet his additional burdens of expenditure. After opening an online demat account by providing PAN Card Details and Aadhar Card numbers, he started to research about few attractive stocks. He has prepared a list of the top 50 most attractive Long-term Multibagger Stock which may give 10-50 times return during the next six months to one year even collapse in the market. He chooses stock from the sector of 5G connectivity, Software Companies, Medicine Companies, Infrastructure Companies, etc. Though he has Rs 1,50,000/- spare money in his hand he has not shown his excitement to invest instantly. He was watching for a few weeks and months after keeping eye on some selected shares. When it go down after growth of regular 5-10 days, he invested small amounts on a few of these stocks with proper stop loss and planning. He has invested Rs 50,000/- for the long term. He has kept a Reserve Rs of Rs 1,00,000/- so that in case of market or share price further down, then he can possess more shares. Similarly, with few risk-free or low-risk strategies he succeeds to earn Rs 4,00,000/- from investing Rs 50,000/- only during one year. So his additional monthly income increased by Rs 35,000/- per month. In case of any collapse or down in the market of a specific stock, he could have lost only 5-10% of his investment money ie approx. 5,000/- to 10,000/-. So he had taken a risk of Rs 5,000/- to Rs 10,000/- and he earned Rs 4,00,000/- money from it. If you follow proper strategy and discipline then why you do not want to Open a Trading Account Today and Earn Rs 30000 Per Month?

Some Few Attractive Risk Free Strategy To Earn From Share Market with Minimum Risk If you wish to earn money from the share market you may work on the following:-

  1. Avoid regular and frequent trading, do select trading only 3-4 days in any month. Always follow the wait-and-watch strategy. The right investment or right trading at right time gives you a risk-free or low-risk return but never expect a high return, satisfy with a 20-30% return, book your profit, and wait for another opportunity, it will come definitely.
  2. Don’t invest in low-quality stock after listening to breaking news. Do proper analysis. Do deep research.
  3. Always use a stop loss. In this world,, there are no traders or investors who have never lost money. So accept the reality, at certain times, you will also lose some money, but accept it, exit the position, and wait for another opportunity.
  4. Don’t take the services of a consultant company that has no credentials. Believe in yourself, and invest after satisfying yourself only.
  5. Always keep some reserve money, the market can go against your prediction, but even in that case,, you will be a winner if you have some reserve money.

If You wish to open your Demat Account, I recommend you open it on ICICIDIRECT.COM most trusted and high-quality service you will get. Click Here to Open Demat Account (Online Paperless Process). Don’t open it on another platform those have a bad reputation, server downtime, having a history of serious technical disturbance during trading hours. So we hope you learned a lot from the post Open Trading Account Today and Earn Rs 30000 Per Month, Now it is time to open an account and start earning, all the best for your beginning towards financial freedom, Best Recommended Demat Account Click Here to Open Demat Account (Online Paperless Process)

If you believe, that I can assist you, don’t hesitate to contact me email me at onlinecoachingcentre2017@gmail.com I will share my personal number, which will help you to achieve your financial freedom.

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