February 26, 2024

Become Singer and Earn Money

Earning a living as a singer is not a hard work today. We have seen school going children are making very popular songs and creating history ion YouTube and other media platform,

If you have the willing power you can also start earning by singing song. In this world every one is unique and have some God gifted talent. In modern days due to hundreds of online platform, becoming popular ans success is very easy.

You start singing and create lot of online platform and start increase follower. Then definately you will start earning very soon.

Single Steps

1. Download some royaty free music from YouTube Free Music Library


2. Write a Song in any language (you can do research Work from Google for best script idea).

3. Record the Song by the help of Your Microphone+Android.

4. Edit the song with some video (you may download royalty free image and video from various online platform like https://pixabay.com/ )

5. Use Free Video Editing Software to crate video Song. You can use this best low cost video recording software. I am using it. It is best and affordable.


6. Upload songs in your Youtube Channel.

7. You can also upload your audio songs on various online platform to earn money. Try this


To Get some high quality song recording service You can visit this website.


8. If you have some instrument like Guiter, Piyano or Harmony It is better for your to produce good qualty song.

So let start. All the best. Here I have given some basic idea how to start. Now you explore more to get opportunities. No one can stop you to become successful singer and to earn money.

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